Everything you need to know about anti-aging for lips


Everything you need to know about anti-aging for lips

Whenever we hear the term „anti-aging”, most of us usually understand treatments for face. Wrinkle reduction around the eyes, or even treatments for our hands. It happens quite often that we simply leave our lips out from the equation. Even though this part of the face is also one of the first ones to reveal our true age with lines around it, and the loss of its volume. As the years pass by, many of the key characteristics of our lips are changing. Fine lines, and then deeper wrinkles appear around the lips.

This change is more definite for people who have pale skin, or spend a lot of time in the sunlight. We all know that the rays of the sun are enemies of the skin and can counteract even the most taliored anti-aging measures. The same is true about smoking which you should quit for the sake of anti-aging for lips. Actinic cheilitis is a more serious condition, which mainly affects women – it’s a pre-cancerous state, which needs medical supervision.

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Did you think that anti-aging for lips means choosing the most effective lip balm? Well, the truth is actually far from that. If you take the proper anti-aging measures for lips, it’s not that difficult to make them look fresher, plumper and much more youthful. Dermatologist share their secrets of anti-aging for lips, to make them look much younger, and have them reveal less about our age, than they usually do.

Anti Aging Lip Serum

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Lip serum is a more effective version of lip balm.: a concentrated lotion full of hydrating and anti-aging ingredients. As an addition to their concentration, you apply the powerful ingredients just at the right spot, for a local anti-aging treatment. Retinol (found among others in Verso’s Lip Serum) is a real powerhouse of an ingredient.: its benefits include reduction of dark skin spots, another mark of aging, and also stimulation of collagen production – this anti-aging compound is responsible for the firmness of the skin. Retinol in its raw form may be irritating, but there are gentle versions and derivatives of it which can be used for cosmetic purposes.

Dr. Macrene’s lip serum has a high-performance, complex formula of 37 active ingredients: peptides, ceramides, more than 20 antioxidant compounds, and also hydrating ingredients like coconut oil. These ingredients guarantee the plumper and more youthful look of the lips within mere days without invasive measures like injections.

Restorsea Pro Lip Magic

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Restorsea Pro Lip Magic acts with the combination of brown algae and Vitamin C. This product stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid production, and also dissolves the hardened upper layer of skin, which is also a consequence of getting older. This anti-aging product for lips makes the skin of the lips look much smoother. It has a very defined and easily noticeable effect if it is used for about two weeks, a few times per day.

A renowned dermatologist and researcher, Dr. Joshua Zeichner working at Mount Sinai’s Department of Dermatology in New York, says that if you care for your skin every day, you should do the same for your lips as an anti-aging measure. Topical antioxidants and sunscreen mean the best anti.aging for lips, because they prevent the some of the aging process due to UV rays. Retinol and peptides should be used every day to make up for the damage done during the daylight hours.

Anti-aging for lips with lasers and peels

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Anti-aging treatment for lips mean not only topical creams and serums, but also in-office procedures, first of all, lasers and peels. Repeated muscle work around the lips during speech, laughter, eating or even smoking cigarettes can fold the skin into deepening wrinkles over the years. According to Dr. Zeichner, the depth of these lines can be reduced, and skin texture and tone can be improved by these laser and peeling treatments.

Chemical peels containing alpha-hydroxy acid are said to be the best anti-aging treatment by Dr. Neil Sadick, a New York based dermatologist. Brightening elements as hydroquinone derivative or kojic together with the Clear + Brilliant laser treatment also have a quick and profound effect. Microneedling with or without radio frequency can also effectively stimulate the production of tightening agents like elastin and collagen. By generating small micro-injuries around the lips, microneedling also stimulates the reproduction and healing of the skin as an anti-aging treatment for lips.

Anti-aging treatments with injectables

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The white rose is not a flower: it’s the name of the area around the border of the lips. This is a place, which, according to Dr. Zeichner, tends to lose its firmness and definition with age. When people at an older age use lipstick, it bleeds into these lines and onto the skin from the red area of the lips. As and anti-aging treatment for lips Dr. Zeichner recommends using fillers which can restore the lips’ plumpness and structure. The only thing women must be aware of and careful with is overtreatment.: the results of too much filler is the well-known duck-lips effect. Less is more in this case, but the proper treatment can yield wonderful results.

Hyaluronic acid injections like Juvederm, Restylane Silk or Volbella don’t make your lips dramatic, only give them youthful smoothness, plumpness and volume. Botox can also be good – used also with caution as an anti-aging treatment for lips. It relaxes the muscles around the mouth, this way preventiong the formation of wrinkles. Smoking and drinking from plastic straws may not be recommended for a long time after the treatment, though.

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