From witch fashion to gothic beauty: embrace your inner witch!


From witch fashion to gothic beauty: embrace your inner witch!

Witchcraft has been living its renaissance for the last few decades: at every crescent moon modern witches assemble to cast spells and celebrate their inner feminine power. But other signs from the rise of witch fashion to different rituals also show that the modern woman is reaching back to her inner witch.

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From burning to beauty: how embracing your inner witch has become so cool

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If we look back to some centuries earlier, we see that witches weren’t as appreciated as they are now. Many of them were burnt by religious authorities, or simply treated like outcasts on the outskirts of society. These days witchcraft is not only accepted, but it is also considered cool. Some use accepting their inner witch as a kind of philosophy, self-care and personal style.

Witch fashion made its entry to some retailers which decorate their shops with crystals, candles and other gothic stuff like Urban Outfitters. Emma Roberts and other celebrity influencers show the latest witch fashion outfits and readings on Instagram and other social media outlets.

Skin care has also accepted ingredients (for example bee venom or snail mucus) which we could imagine reading in witch potion recipes. They are of course made in labs and sterile environments, but we could easily imagine them being created in cauldrons surrounded by witches murmuring spells over them.

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Witch fashion gets mainstream

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Witchcraft has also become mainstream fashion-wise. Gucci is the most famous company in fashion industry to embrace goth style in its Resort 2019 collection. Artistic director Alessandro Michele steered cephalophores – a typical depiction of saints holding their own disconnected heads – and dragons into his fall collection. Even the witch fashion show was a bit eerie with being held at a Roman necropolis in the southern part of France.

– Its musical background was given by a 17th century musical masterpice with lyrics in Latin, and the lighting was supplemented by candles and smokes. Surrounded by the memory of the dead, the whole event had a moral about remembering mortality.

As for the collection, the witch fashion experience involved laces, tall boots, crushed velvet, capes, high collars and long sleeves, accessorized by statement brooches and crucifixes.

But it’s not only Gucci which makes use of gothic witch style: Vera Wang includes black tulle into her collection, while Louis Vuitton looks back into the Victorian era with its bone-white dress. Max Mara embraces cloaks as seen in mainstream fantasy movies.

Connecting with yourself through connecting with your inner witch

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Strangely, the eerie gothic influences of witch fashion represent a way of embracing our inner selves, a certain connection with humanity and happiness. Instead of pleasing others it is about being true to ourselves and pleasing our inner desires, our hidden characteristics and embracing our shadowy side, or even our inner Wednesday Addams.

Modern-day witches did not return to their ancient crafts to earn appreciation or even approval from the outside world. They invoke the ancient myths and crafts for their own pleasure, and for strengthening their true identities.

Witchcraft comes as a form of spirituality or in a form of aesthetics, or even in both forms.

Witch fashion, and creating a connection with their inner witch may come in the way written in The Master and Margarita by Bulgakov, but also in any other ancient or modern ways connected with nature and female instincts.

It’s now a way of self-expression, not some kind of scary and dark practice.


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